Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Oliver Family - Calgary Family Photographer

The Oliver's took part in an offer that I had designed for City of Calgary employees only.  Where they get a great deal for being part of what helps our City run smoothly.  I met with them early and decided that instead of arranging for them to come to Langdon to my studio that we could do at their house...not a problem at all!
I had invaded set up my studio in their kitchen and proceeded to take some family photos of the 5 of them. It had been a few years since they had any family photos taken, like most families, so I made sure to get a ton of good ones.

Here a few of my favourite from the session!

A huge thanks for letting me re-arrange your house so I could get my lights where I wanted them, for the laughs and good times!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Mini Session Part Five - The Zeleny Johnson Family

This couple was referred to me by the always fabulous Jensen Family. The two couples have been friends for years and when the Jensen's had their mini session it was a must for them to get some too. 

Although I had already finished all the mini sessions I had scheduled when they had got a hold of me, it was real hard to turn away a great young couple when I had the time to make some great memories!

They came over one night after dinner and we did a mini session just for them!

The pictures turned out great and we had a great time getting to know each other. 

Thanks for the last minute session guys, I had a fun!

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Christmas (not so mini) Session Part Four - The Lowe Family

Although this wasn't 'actually' a Mini Session it took place right in the middle of all my other mini sessions and took just as long!

The Lowe Family is another local Langdon couple, I met through the Langdon Living website and The Langdon Facebook pages. ( 1, 2 )  They were one of the latest evening family sessions I had done and their daughter was so well behaved for the whole session.  It really was a pleasure to have them over to the studio.

Thanks again for the great session guys!
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Christmas Mini Sessions Part Three - Shelagh and her pups

The third session of my Mini Sessions was a little different than any other session I had done in the past.  As this family of three had a few more legs than normal.

Shelagh brought her dogs to the studio and we had fun trying to get em to stay still for some photos.  Thanks to her friend that came to help because I might not have gotten any pictures if he wasn't there with the treat bag!

A good time and some great pictures!

Christmas Mini Session Part Two - The Oosterbroek Family

The Oosterbroek's have their daughter in my wife's day-home so it really wasn't anything new for me to take photos of her.  What was new, though, was the fact that Mom and Dad were there.  She was an angel as usual at first but when she found her favorite doll, she wanted nothing more than to play with it. 

We had lot of fun and my children even helped us out for a while!

Thanks guys for a great session!

Here are some of the photos from Part Two of my Mini Sessions.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Mini Sessions Part One - The Jensen Family

This year I decided to offer some mini sessions for Christmas.  The promo ran smoothly and I had so much fun meeting these families! In the end I had to extend my dates to accommodate a few extra!

Here is part one of those sessions and some of the pictures I captured in it.

First up was the Jensen Family.  I had just recently done their Maternity Photos and Their Newborn session.  When I offered my mini session they couldn't resist a Family Christmas Photo!

Always a pleasure to photograph this family and I hope to get the chance to do it again and again!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to make a cupcake disappear in under 30 seconds. Part Two.

Every birthday we seem to decide to make a cake better than the last. You know you have to step it up each time right? Well I think we did a great job at that. We decided on the Caterpillar from Baby Einsteins. To do this we needed to make a ball cake..or 3...
Ball Cake halves made and ready to go!
We had a little help again from some great friends, Andrea and Jesse. They came over to help and we stayed up until nearly morning putting the final touches on the cake and cupcakes.

Cameron had a great day for his birthday and so many friends and family came by to celebrate with all of us! Thanks for coming everyone!

Cassidy even helped mix some icing!
It's Getting there!
Jesse working hard to finish the cupcakes before midnight!
The final products!

Choosing the right cupcake first!

Sharing...what a great one year old!
Thanks for checking back for Part 2!  In case you missed it here is a link to Part one