Monday, January 30, 2012

Preschool Shoots - Calgary, Langdon and Airdrie Area Photographer

After a little break for some Snowboarding this weekend in Fernie I am back with the Blog Marathon.

After a looong break that started with a Snowboarding trip and ended with a broken and then fixed again  computer (thank goodness for backups!) I am back with what I am a little sad to report...

...this is the second last installment of my blog marathon...

I had the great opportunity to shoot 3 preschools this year. 

Bright Explorations in Airdrie which also has a awesome store front with all kinds of supplies  for teacher, games, toys, books and more that are designed to help you engage, guide and nurture the children in your life.

Kidz Choice Preschool in the NW of Calgary, and Happy Learners Preschool in the SE of Calgary.

It was a lot of work including photographing over 220 children. Well worth it though as I got to meet some amazing kids and had a great time trying to, as I say, 'Break' them out of their shyness to capture a little bit of their actual personalities. 

In these image you will find some just simply adorable to some just plain silly photos, but most of all I hope you can see what fun they all had!

Enjoy round 7 of the blog marathon!

Sometimes children can be sooo shy... but within 5 Minutes I was able to get this...

Rocking the Ozzy shirt on Picture day... I love it!

This guy proved to have many different faces...FUN!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Knopp Family - Chestermere Family Photographer

This is the Knopp Family.  They have been working for some time now as they have built this house with their own hands and are sooo close to being finished.  I must say they are doing a great job and everything looked amazing. 

I myself can not imagine taking on a task like that, as I like to 'start' big projects but occasionally wonder why I started such a thing in the first place.  But when all is done I am always glad that I started, and I know these guys will be very excited once they are finally finished and all moved in. 

We did this shoot as fast as possible on a very windy day in Chestermere, once again the wind would wreak havoc on my umbrellas and stands and force me to have to buy new ones, but sometimes I don't mind shopping for Photography gear..

Congrats on such an amazing feat guys and thanks for being 7th in line in my Blog Marathon!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Enerson Family - Langdon Family Photographer

When I shot this they were the Mason/Enerson Family...but since then they have become The Enerson's.  A big Congrats guys!  They were part of my mini sessions for Christmas and are the sixth round of  my Blog marathon.

We are booked for a first year cake smash in March and I always look forward to working with them!

Here is round 6...The Enerson Family Mini session.