Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Ride - Calgary Photographer

Last Sunday my wife and I finally had the chance to use my first year wedding gift, which is from 3
years ago.  Jenn had purchased a Sundance Hot Air Balloon ride for us to use, but when we got to our scheduled fly date Jenn was pregnant with our third child, Cameron, and low and behold they don't fly pregnant women.

So we said we would reschedule... when I finally stopped procrastinating and made the reservations they were all booked up and we couldn't fly at the time we wanted to. So there we had to book in for the following year but at least we had a date set!

August 14th came a few short days after we got back from an epic 30th birthday week in Las Vegas (thanks hunny!) and we were off at a ridiculous time in the morning to go flying.

Were we worried? Nah maybe a little.  Were we excited? yes a lot! Was it amazing? HELL YEAH.
Its was a crazy thing just floating around up there checking everything out, a crazy feeling of awesomeness and nervousness that I would love to do all over again.  I highly recommend going on a balloon ride the next time you want to try something different.

And here are bunch of photos after what ends up being a lot of words!

Make sure the fire works!

They use two big fans to inflate the balloon almost all the way...

 Here Dale starts to add the heat!

As Dale adds the heat it stands up and we gotta run and climb on in!

The view right after take off. You can see the van and truck in the lower right.

I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE!  That's the car in the front and the newly shingled roof that looks like it may be two colors...

Langdon and Mead lake.

At one point we were VERY close to landing but changed our minds when we realized it was an 
Alf-alfa Field.  We "dusted" the crop with the bottom of the basket for about 20 feet.

In the end we landed safely and helped pack everything up so we could head to Chestermere.

Once in chestermere we had a Champagne Toast as it is a old French tradition...9:30am and drinking, I think we thought we were back in Vegas!

 Thanks for looking and feel free to leave a comment!