Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Nicholas - Calgary Newborn Photographer

Well what can I tell you about this little guy?

I suppose I could write about how I will be his Godfather after this weekend(saweeet), how he weighed in at a mere 820 grams when he was born at only 28 weeks.   That when I photographed him he would have been 4 days old if he were full term.  How you could consider him a miracle baby as his mother has a heart condition that she was told she wasn't 'supposed' to birth a child and now he has excelled in growth and has been passing all of his preemie tests with flying colors.

Those are some pretty crazy points right there and I could write a lot of stuff about them! 

But really I want to keep it short so you can get to enjoying the pictures, so I will say he's little but getting bigger, he's my God Son, and he is awesome!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kids are Awesome - Calgary Children Photographer

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot the Bright Explorations Preschool in Airdrie.

There are three classes, and about 18 students in each.  Class runs for about two hours, which when you do the math didn' leave me much time with each student to try to capture some of their true personalities as I usually try to do with these shoots.

The first day went really well, better than I had expected that's for sure.  Day two started out not so good.  The fire alarm went off just as class was about to start, and went on for quite some time.  For a while I thought I was going to have to reschedule that classes shoot for another day because just as soon as they got the alarm turned off and we were ready to go inside, it started again!  In the end we ended up losing almost an hour of the day because of it.  Day three went as good if not better than day one, so no complaints there!

I had all type of personalities to work with, some so excited to meet me and show me the classroom but then in front of the camera' they turned to the shyest you have ever met. Others started out shy and warmed up to me right away.  One little girl was so excited when I sat down beside her she pulled on my 'soul patch' (that tuff of facial hair under my lip...) It was quite hilarious!

All in all I had a great time, learnt a few things, met a ton of awesome children and had fun doing it!

Well enough of the talk lets get to the pictures already!

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