Thursday, January 28, 2010

Camerons already two months! - Calgary Baby Photographer

Yes the title is right, our newest edition is already two months old! Although sometimes I feel like he is even older than that, so strong and all. They, whoever they are, say time flies when your having fun but wow it really does. He is so far our easiest baby, not giving us any trouble at all. Maybe that's experience or he's just that good. Originally over 9 lbs at birth he now weighs in at over 13 lbs. I think its mostly hair, although he is a big boy. I Finally got around to doing some more pictures of him.

So for your viewing pleasure...

Cheers thanks for viewing...more to come soon.

Parkade Drop

The other day I got a phone call... It went something like this...

Aaron - "Hey Brent its Aaron. What are you doing tomorrow night?"
Me - " Not much, got a couple errands to do. Why whats up?"
Aaron - "I found a Parkade with the perfect pile of snow to use for a tranny and a good progression of stories to jump off. I got a video camera for Christmas and want to video it."
Brent - "I got some new flashes I gotta try out, where and when?"
So I decide to not miss the opportunity in front of me and met with him the following night.

Turns out when we show up at the spot there happens to be one lonely car in the parkade and some guys skateboarding. Ends up its not their car and its right smack in the landing zone of our planned bomb drop. We hum and haw over if there is enough room to make it still happen, and end up deciding its not doable with a car in the way.

Not to end up with a wasted evening I go on a journey walk around the parkade and 'VOILA' another real good spot to make this happen. Only thing is there is no real progression to be had to get a little comfortable with the transition, its straight off the top. It may be a little hard to tell but its about 18 - 20 feet high, and thats just to the top of the snowpile. We start shaping the tranny and then I set up my lights. Aaron like a champion does most all of the work to get the drop in ready, even though hes the one risking it all and actually doing the drop. Once all is ready Aaron builds up his courage and gives is a go, If you can see in the picture below he is already wincing waiting for the impact.

Although Aaron doesn't land it that time he mans up, reshapes the landing a bit and heads back up the stairs to go at it again. Round two my flashes dont fire so no usable pics from that. Had to send back my Cactus V4 receiver for warranty.

Not to be defeated by the parkade Aaron heard up for another go at it. Flashes work thanks to my VAL ( That's a Voice Activate Light Stand, Thanks Jennie ) and the slave mode on the flashes.
Again you can see the look on his face as he knows if he doesn't land it, it causes some pain.

Aaron's a trooper and probably tried this drop at least 8 times, although no attempts were successful it was still a good night of "learning". I can't wait untill it snows again so we can try again on the other side, as long as that car isn't there.