Monday, January 3, 2011

Schartner Family/Maternity - Calgary Photographer

The Schartner Family... enough said!

Well maybe not, but that's how I feel.  This is only a small part of a family that means the world to me. Matt is the youngest of the three children from Earle (RIP we all Love and miss You!) and Shirley Schartner.  The Schartner's have been a part of my life for years now, so many that I can't count them.  When I was young the two Schartner boys were some of the closest friends of mine, we have many great memories together.  I am happy to say that they still are!  

I had shot Matt and  Larissa's wedding a few years ago in Airdrie. So I was really excited to do the Maternity shots for the newest member of their family! 

I made the drive out to Shirley's house in Airdrie, where I was going to meet them, and set up the ol' mobile studio downstairs.  When I got to my test shot one of my receiver's shorted out on me and wouldn't work at all (happened when they fell in the wind from a previous shoot.) So I got out my other one just to find out I had left it on and the batteries were dead. No problem I always usually carry lots of extras, and that day I would be without a single spare AAA...

A quick trip to Matt's house to get some, ended with us taking them out of the remote and we were on our way!  I re-learned a lesson that day, maybe even two, and I can guarantee that will never happen again!  Not everything turns out the way I want or plan it, but the pictures always come out just as I want them too!

Matt is an aspiring photographer as well, so I was hoping to be able to spend some extra time with him and go over why I was putting my lights where I was and go through figuring out the exposures, but with my battery error and a shoot scheduled for later that evening I was running out of time if I had! Sorry Matt, next time at the newborn shoot!

I am looking so forward to early January when I will get to do the Newborn photos for them and to meet the newest edition to the Schartner Family, a family I consider part of my family! 

Thanks Matt for the batteries and the great session!