My name is Brent Davidson and I am Immaculate Images Photography, as you have probably figured out I am a Calgary and area wedding and portrait photographer.  I like to think I am pretty awesome!

I am happily married with three children! Two boys and a girl. I have three cats, a salamander. I drive a mini van and can't imagine life without it!
I am kind of a nerd, or so my wife tells me.  I like comic book characters, gadgets, laugh at Family Guy and I have over 100 apps on my iPhone...although the majority of them are Angry Birds.  I also have a blog post with 25 things you may or may not want to know about me.

I am a people person, I love to meet new people.  Everyone I meet is so unique, fun and different. It all fits perfectly together to help me reach my main goal: Capturing awesome artistic images all while having a blast doing it!  I feel like I am an easy-to-get-along-with, outgoing, fun kinda guy, Facebook even says a lot of people "LIKE" me.

To me a perfect session is when I get to be with my clients in a relaxed fun environment that is truly them.  I like to let the events unfold naturally so I can capture my clients in their true beauty, relaxed and themselves!

You like snowboarding? Me too, lets do a session on the hill. 
You like hockey? Me too, lets do a session at a rink. 
You like Jamaica?  Me too, lets do a session there! (Please?)
You name it and I want to do a session there with you!

But seriously, I am very passionate about capturing you at your best in a fun, fresh, artistic and sometimes quirky way. So drop me a line and lets talk about you, how you are awesome and how I can capture that!

I love what I do … you will love it too,  but I am sure by this point you already knew that!

Sincerely your Photographer -

Brent Davidson