Friday, February 26, 2010

D.O.C. Personal Training - Calgary and Area Photographer

The other day while I was taking my daughter to Tanya's Dance Worx when a few of my neighbours were talking about a new Personal Training center in Langdon. Very curious as to what they were talking about, I asked what and where it was. I found out that I can see the building from my kitchen window. Although I thought it was just going to be an over sized garage it turns out that it has been created to be a brand new state of the art training facility. I gave Corrie, the owner/operator, my business card and said if he needed any photographs I would be glad to do work for him. Pretty much the next day he called and we worked it out so I could do the shoot before my Olympic trip last week. We had a blast during the shoot and even worked his mother-in -law and sister-in-law into a bit of a sweat on the treadmill for a while! (Sorry about that.)

The future of fitness is here! With up to date fitness equipment including iPod connectors, touch screen cardio equipment, and big screen TV's with Satellite, and a brand new sound system, everything you need is right at your finger tips.

D.O.C. (Dedicated Optimistic Caring) brings everything that the other fitness facilities don't have and offers up the other side of fitness. With one on one training, weight machines, free weights, stability balls, and balance tools its all here at D.O.C. Personal Training.
If you're looking to change your life style, lose your extra weight or just keep that beautiful shape, then look no farther than our home town of Langdon and Corrie Carrobourg at D.O.C.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TwoPhotog's meeting- Calgary Photographers

What a time I had last night at Melrose on 17th for the TwoPhotogs meeting. A big thanks to Brandy and Dana for putting it together. It was a great way to meet other local photographers and gain so much knowledge about business and just have a good time.
Makes for a early Tuesday morning when your out all night Monday, but well worth my time.
I know I got a lot out of meeting everyone what about you? Put some of your favorite thing in the comments below!

My favorite thing that i heard: "you have to do one of three things: be the first to do something, be the best at it, or do something completely different..." and a close second is "I shoot weddings ..and porn.." (thanks for the laughs Rene.)

Thanks to everyone for being so friendly and honest. I had a great time getting to know you.

To those I didn't get a chance to meet, keep in touch on Facebook and we'll chat next time.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whats its like...

For those of you who don't know what is like to be a photographer Joe McNally has a blog post that explains it fantastically. This is a good read just to get a glimpse of what we see and feel.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Who doesn't want this shirt?

Found a real cool blog post today from local photog Reuben Krabbe.

Waste some time,. check it out and try to get tee shirt out of it!