Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Parker - Calgary Newborn Photographer

Meet Parker!

Just last Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of shooting this little bundle of joy.  I had asked mom and dad to ensure he would be sleepy for the shoot and I had no idea that he would sleep for the entire time!  They also had some adorable outfits planned for a couple of the shots as they are Saskatchewan Roughriders and Detroit Red Wings fans. Even for the maternity photos they brought matching booties for the teams..remember?

I re-arranged their house at my leisure, moving pictures chairs and even taking all the bedding out of the crib... but I did manage to put it back just where I found it all though.


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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baby Ryan - Calgary Newborn Photographer

I recently got the chance to photograph a very awesome family!  They graciously opened the door to their home to me for the second time to take over and start moving all the furniture around. Now before you think otherwise I always make sure to put it back right where i found it!

We tried to make sure he was sleepy but he didn't want anything to do with it while I was around!  So we worked with what we were dealt and came away with lots of great images for it! 

Thanks guys for letting me come into your home and photograph such a cute little man!


Kendras Maternity Shoot - Calgary Maternity Photographer

When I had finished this shoot I ended up without my computer for about a month. So with all this snow today I was able to finally get caught up with all my editing!

So without dragging it on any longer, as it is way overdue here is Kendra's Maternity session!